Get ready for 6th Yonabaru Light Truck Market on 24th

Ebisu Street in Yonabaru is reserved for pedestrians for the day of the market.

Be not misled, but be prepared for a fun Sunday the 24th as the 6th Yonabaru Light Truck Market opens on Ebisu Street in Yonabaru.

It’s not really a light truck market, as there are no trucks on sale. Instead, the 10 a.m. ~ 3 p.m. light

Vendors to the market arrive in small trucks and vans and sell their goods straight from the bed or set up a stall next to their vehicle.

truck market is a time when dozens of light trucks open their doors to sell agricultural products, processed goods, flowers, and the like, on a loading platform as they stand lined up next to each other.

This free market is bringing many shops, including vegetable and food stores, one specializing in fishing tackle, and plenty of general products for sale.  Many of the items available at the Yonabaru event are not available in supermarkets or convenience stores.   Ebisu Street, where the market takes place, will be a pedestrian paradise for the day, as all traffic is halted from 9:30 a.m. ~ 3:30 p.m.

The 12th Yonabaru Champlu Market, which is held the last Sunday of even numbered months, will be held in conjunction with the light truck market.  Admission is free.

18:14 28 Feb , 2024