Kyoto takes Mitsukoshi spotlight until tomorrow

Zeitaku Bara Sushi

Kyoto souvenirs, gourmet foods including tea and pickles packed Kyoto style, are among the goodies being offered up at the 34th Great Kyoto Exhibition at Mitsukoshi Department Store.

The event runs through Monday at the department store’s 6th Floor Event Plaza in downtown Naha.  The festival runs daily 10:30 a.m. ~ 7:30 p.m., except the final day, holiday Monday the 11th.

Traditional handicrafts and the gourmet foods are all being offered, including Kyoto

Ajari sweets

lacquer ware.  There will be demonstration sales in the gourmet section conducted by Kyoto representatives.  Included with be Yatsuhashi and Kyoto sweets.

01:53 28 Feb , 2024