Nail Salon and Aroma Room pull together to serve

Sculptured nails are considered a must these days.

Its a brilliant location and view that at the same time offers a relaxing, cozy space for Nail by Aki and Aroma room by Mayumi.

The two businesses have co-located at same building at Kiyuna, Ginowan City,  next to Camp Foster housing area where there is still another Esthetic Salon Luca in same building.  Esthetic Salon Luca provides tattoo removal, body wax, Brazilian wax, eyelash, extensions and more. The business co-location makes it easy to obtain multiple personal pampering sessions with ease.

The owner of Nail by Aki is Aki Jones. She started her own nail salon after working as

Aki’s nail salon is modern and to the point with space to relax.

Aroma Room by Ayumi offers massage and aroma therapy treatments in the same premises with Nails by Aki.

a manicurist at famous nail salons for almost 15 years, sometimes on base and sometimes off base. She had a dream that one day she would open her own nail salon and finally she had the chance to open with a really special location.  Why become a manicurist? When she was young and used to get excited about nail care or nail design by nail salons, she fixed and changed them by herself. Then Her mother told her “if you like to do that, you can go to school for study about it.”  She did, going to school and studying the art and craft.

Nail by Aki offers special nail designs, especially 3D designs.  Pink & White French style is special she says, and Nail by Aki prepares many materials for customers. Hard gel, Gel and Acrylic are prepared. Also various Shellac color or fluorescence color imported from the U.S. are prepared too. The Nail by Aki offers Hard Gel full set for ¥5,250 and fill for ¥2,500, Acrylic full set  ¥4,500 and fill for ¥3,500, Soft Gel full set for ¥3,000 and Shellac full set for ¥2,500.  Pedicures are ¥2,600~, Hand care ¥1,800~, and a special campaign now is Manicure plus Pedicure for ¥4,000. Aki says another our special part is Backfill, she wants customers to try that, too.

Customers can now have a manicure and pedicure at same time, and customers are welcome to come with their partner, friends or even kids. There is TV, DVDs and magazines to pass the time.   Aki says women feel happy even such a small fashion like manicure or nail designs, “so we support them to help women stay happy with relaxation time and a great view and location with our special offers.

Aki (left) and Ayumi (3rd from left) with their support staff.

For massage there is Aroma Room by Mayumi located just next door to Nail by Aki, in what looks like the same house. Mayumi also started her own massage salon for the same reason as Aki, she has dreamed of opening her own salon and it has come true in a great location. Mayumi used to work as a dental assistant, and she got heavy shoulder stiffness. Then she used to attend to massage salons many times, and she was impressed how masseurs could provide relaxation to tired people so much, and want to be a person to give a massage.

She then changed her job to beauty salon masseuse.  After a couple of years working in a large salon, she began thinking about how she could open her own salon, because her former salon didn’t take a foreign customers or male customers. She wonders why she couldn’t, because she wanted to provide good massage to everyone and she wants  to see a smile on customers’ and relaxed face,  even on foreigners or men.

She likes being small, because she points out staffs of companies cannot serve extra because of time limitations.  “If I have my own salon, I can serve more freely for customer’s satisfaction,” she says. She worked as a masseuse inside of a base for a couple of years to study being around foreigners and men.  Finally she got a chance to open her own salon with Aki.

Aroma Room by Mayumi serves a Valentine Campaign until February. Body massage 60 min. ¥3,000 was ¥4,000, the whole body face down.  Fatigue, skin care 60min ¥2,500 was ¥4,000, and the cleansing, aroma massage, mask, moisturizing set course ¥5,500 was ¥8,000. Free head therapy available more than 60 min on each course. Her massage specialty is pressing acupressure points shiatsu style, with aroma doTERA oil which is used at medical front, to provide a good relaxation time.

Not only women, but also men are welcomed. She says she wants to give a massage to anyone who gets tired or has stiffness from training, desk work or anything.

Walk-in customers are welcome in both establishments, but making an appointment is advised. Both salons are open 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Mon. thru Sat. The telephone number for Nails by Aki is 080-6498-4929, and Aroma Room by Mayumi 090-8414-3229. Both also have gift tickets available that make great gifts for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, or at any other time.

To get to Nails by Aki from Camp Foster Legion Gate, turn right onto Route 330, continue past Futenma Shrine following the Futenma Housing Area fence. The salons are located on the third floor of a building next to the fence across from Shalimar (House of 66 cents) Building. Free parking is available next to the building and in the basement.

15:50 27 Feb , 2024