Whale watching season produces photo exhibition

The Whale Watching photo exhibition is held in Tembus Gallery.

The humpback whales are migrating in Okinawa waters, and whale watching season’s in full swing with tours running daily to watchers known to attract the lumbering behemoths.

For those who can’t go to the whales, the whales are now coming to the public through a ‘Whale Watching Panel exhibition’ at Tenbusu Naha.  The display takes place in the third floor gallery of Tenbusu Naha, 3-2-10 Makishi in Naha City.  Admission is free 10 a.m. ~ 7 p.. through Thursday, February 7th.

Whale watching has been performed to protect the ecology of whales, along with voluntary mandates in Zamami Village since residents established the Zamami Village Whale Watching Association in 1991.  The ecology of humpback whales has many common features with humans, including the bonds of a mother and child, seemingly odd given the size and power of the huge mammals.

At the free exhibition, the ecology of humpback whales, which travel the Zamami Village waters, is captured through photographs set in an images and panel display.  Tembusu Naha is located on Kokusai Street near Okinawa Mitsukoshi Department Store and the north entrance to the Heiwa Dori market area.

08:14 18 Jun , 2024