Moon Beach hosting All Yachimun Chinaware Market

Every pottery maker in Okinawa is proud to create his original Shisa, no matter that it’s laborous and time consuming work.

The upcoming three-day All Yachimun Market at Hotel Moon Beach is designed to offer quality products for just about anyone’s taste, and at prices that don’t break the bank.

The All Yachimun China ware Market runs tomorrow through Sunday at Hotel Moon Beach in Onna Village.  The event is open at 10 a.m. daily, with 8 p.m. closings on Friday and Saturday, and

Most of the pottery and chinaware on display and sale is meant for everyday use.

7 p.m. finish on Sunday.

What makes the All Yachimun special?  Well, it’s a ceramic art ranked high on the scale of Okinawa products. The greatest difference between china markets is the skills with which craftsmen themselves introduce the charm of ceramic art cultivated by a unique Okinawa tradition.  For this market, some 45 kiln origins will participate to exhibit, explain and offer ceramics for sale.

Ceramics fans will flock to Onna Village from not only across Okinawa, but from the mainland too, in order to participate in this annual china market.  Organizers say it’s at about the maximum size, given the number of professional craftsmen and the number of kilns available.  Visitors can choose their ideal china ware, watching closely the works of participating kiln origins, and listening to the explanations of the artisans.

The ceramic art experience classrooms

All chinaware is labeled with the name of their creator.

will be offered during the All Yachimun Market.  Visitors should talk directly with owners at the various kilns.  In addition to the experience classrooms, china ware market products created in Onna Village, such as marine and agricultural products, will be offered for sale.

04:58 17 Apr , 2024