OIST brings artist and science together

Artist Akira Miyagi’s work on a project requires technical skills and knowledge.

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University, OIST, will hold a public exhibition –Interacting at the Epidermis—A Quest for identity—to present the works of celebrated Okinawan artist Akira Miyagi.

The exhibition began Monday and will run weekdays through May 10th.  Admission is free to the exhibition at the OIST Skywalk on the university campus.  Akira Miyagi’s creative process is both intellectually and technologically stringent.  His

Akira Miyagi’s art is created from recycled metals and coatings.

examination of the interaction at the surface of material –or more precisely, what he refers to as the epidermis—involves the use of different materials, different coatings and different treatments.

Frequently working with sheets of aluminum, recycled from offset printing plates, he creates his designs and textures not by drawing or painting, but by drilling, hammering, engraving, cutting and scorching.  There’s a strong technological ingredient to Miyagi’s art, much as technology underpins so much of what is created at OIST.

10:07 30 May , 2024