Daikichi pays cash for gold, silver, and platinum

Daikichi encourages people to bring their valuables for evaluation even if they don’t want to sell them just yet.

The store interior is stylish and clean with a comfortable space to wait evaluation.

Daikichi store in Goya, is easy to recognize for its’ dark blue decoration.

A company operating near U.S. military bases, Daikichi, is now purchasing precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum, as well as diamonds and other kinds of jewelry.

The company, based in mainland Japan, has its Goya Branch near Gate 2 Street, where it is also taking in brand items, watches, cellular phones, music instruments, old coins and much more by cash on site.  With gold values soaring right now, a Daikichi official says people are surprised at the price being paid for jewelry brought in. He says now is the time to sell unwanted or unneeded jewelry.  The company does valuations for free , and he suggests people bring the items in even if they don’t know the material, or the value of them.

Daikichi is beginning to purchase American toys, too. People often think that toys don’t have any value, but sometime those toys could sell to Japanese.  The official encourages people not to hesitate to bring items for free evaluation.

The interior of Daikichi has a relaxing atmosphere with a free soft drinks available to customers, and an area where people can wait valuation while watching TV or reading a magazine on the sofa.  Says an official, there’s no boring time at the shop.

How can Daikichi purchase with high prices? The answer is that they are franchise shops in Japan. That’s why the main Daikichi offices take items from each franchise shop once a month, and each shop feels safe it doesn’t need to sell items locally. It makes for low cost and low labor fees, because there’s no need for large display showrooms. That’s the reason they can purchase items higher more than any other shops, the manager of Daikichi Goya branch Yuta Izena says.

There are English speaking staff available at the Daikichi Goya branch. Of course Daikichi doesn’t take fake or illegal items, but sometimes people don’t know if their own items are actually real or not. People are encouraged to bring items in only for valuation, and Daikichi will let customers know whether the items are genuine or fake. Valuations are made using special machines, and it takes just a couple of minutes.

For precious materials, they say they can recognize a material almost 98% of the time. Daikichi recommends bringing the items in, just to be sure the value is known in case there’s a desire to sell. Gold is most rapidly valued metal in the world, and a lot of customers are bringing in gold to Daikichi. Most are surprised at the price being paid.  Says manager Izena, “ We really recommend selling gold or any precious metals that you have and you don’t use. We’ve beefed up purchasing prices for silver coins too, so if you have a silver dollar coin minted before 1964, it can sold almost at five times its face value.”

12:35 28 Feb , 2024