Saturday Market at Road Station Kadena celebrates anniversary

Fresh produce and live entertainment are on the weekend menu at Kadena Rad Station.

 The 37th Weekend Saturday Market Road Station Kadena is something special as the road station celebrates its 10th anniversary.

The market is operating Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Road Station Kadena, located in Yara, Kadena Town, just across the street outside the Kadena AB perimeter fence.  Admission is free.

The market is held on the 4th Saturday of each month. In order to celebrate the anniversary, this month’s event has dance and drum performances, as well as live music.  Okinawa-made handicrafts and goods, agricultural products, and fresh foods are offered for sale.

Live music is on the agenda, and performers are welcome.

Lottery tickets will be distributed to visitors who spend ¥500 or more for shopping at the tenants’ corner. Prizes will be home appliances such as air purifiers. The lottery is open to everyone.

There is also free distribution of seedlings to Kadena residents at 11 a.m., ceremonies including drum and dance performances at noon, musicians from live house “Heart Beat” at 1 p.m., Bar “Bihu” at 2 p.m., Music Bar “Casablanca” at 3 p.m. and Japanese Izakaya “Nagomi” at 4 p.m..

Folk song stages are set for 1 p.m., and the organizers are looking for performers, who are then paid a performance fee in the form of a hamburger from the drive-in at the Road Station. Those who want to perform need to call (098) 957-5678 to register.

Similar market is also open on Sunday, and events like a dance battle and live music is in the program. Sunday events are at the same times as Saturday’s.

01:28 26 Jun , 2024