Yonabaru Keibin Market is little different

Most vendors sell their stuff straight from the backs of their light trucks and vans,, and thus the name “Keibin Market.”

Keibin” means a light truck in Japanese, and trucks figure into the transport element of goods purchased at the 7th Yonabaru Keibin Market this Sunday.

Admission is free to the market, which takes place at Ebisu Street, also called Town Road 6, in Yonabaru Town.  Vehicle traffic stops from 9:30 a.m. ~ 3:30 p.m. to accommodate the 10 a.m. ~ 3 p.m. market.

This market, which is held at a Yonabaru town shopping street, is a periodic market that sells agricultural products, processed goods, flowers, clothing, and miscellaneous goods, mostly from the beds of vendors’ light trucks, thus the name. The merit of this kind of market is that vendors have no need to spend time setting up sales stalls, but are able to deal with consumers almost immediately after parking their

Ebisu Street in Yonabaru is closed for vehicle traffic during the market.

vehicles. Most of the products on sale are produced in Yonabaru.

Many people visit this periodic morning market to find fresh products every time. Moreover, events such as a lottery, darts, etc. will be carried out. Yonabaru Chamber of Commerce and Industry backs the event as a local promotion.

Organizers have also created several activities for smaller visitors to the market, such as scribbling pictures on the road using chalk for whole families with children to enjoy.

02:12 27 Feb , 2024