BK picks garlic in meat to beat summer heat

Burger King Japan believes their customers can beat the heat with the help of their Garlic Meat Monster, a burger worthy of Gozilla himself. It will be on the menus of Japanese Burger Kings starting Friday.

Burgers infused with garlic are Burger King’s way of helping beat the summer heat.

The international food chain will tomorrow introduce in Japan a pair of new sandwiches as part of their Summer Stamina series; the Garlic Meat Monster and the Garlic Double Cheese.  The Garlic Meat Monster’s a Whopper-style quarter-pound charbroiled beef patty, paired with a pork patty “with a blend of spices and seasonings unique to Japan”, and a tender chicken breast.  Top it all with large slices of fried garlic, then covered with a sauce blend of green onion and red miso, lettuce, tomato, onion and mayonnaise on a sesame bun, and it’s done.

Persons wolfing down this one should at least have enough energy as the concoction is said to contain no less than 1,160 calories, which is more than half of what a normal size person needs for a whole day.

If that seems a bit overboard, Burger King Japan’s a somewhat smaller treat, a Garlic Double Cheese with one slice of cheese between two 63-gram beef patties, infused with fried garlic, a spicy pepper Caesar sauce and more black pepper.  It will sell for ¥320, while is heftier big brother will sell for ¥650.  The burger giant says the two new offerings “give stamina to our customers during the hot summer when their appetites and strength are drained.”

As the campaign is launched tomorrow, Burger King is making the Garlic Double Cheese available for a special ¥200 trial price, wanting to give its customers an opportunity to check out the stamina-boosting qualities of the new sandwiches.

The special is available only in Japanese Burger King stores, which there are two in Okinawa, one in AEON department store in Mihama, and another near Okinawa Mitsukoshi Department Store in Naha. The special is not available in Burger Kings on bases.

23:52 22 Jul , 2024