Botanical Garden resumes business

Now officially called Tonan Shokubutsu Rakuen, a.k.a. Southeast Botanical Garden is once again open under a new ownership and management.

The Tonan Shokubutsu Rakuen, formerly known as the Southeast Botanical Garden in Okinawa City, has reopened after being closed for several years.

The grand reopening two weeks ago brought hundreds to the gardens, home to more than 1,333 species of rare tropical and subtropical plants.  Under new ownership, the gardens opened its doors after being closed 2½ years.  Tourists and locals flocked to the gardens, which are now open 9 a.m. ~ 10 p.m. daily, with last entry an hour earlier.

ore than 1,333 exotic plants and flowers delight visitors in the garden.

Admission fees to the Botanical Gardens are reasonable, with adults paying ¥1,500, high school students ¥1,000 and elementary through junior high school students ¥500. Admission is free for children under six years of age, and for adults over 96 years of age.  The gardens offers half-price admission for handicapped visitors and their caregiver.  Tonan Shokubutsu Rakuen also offers group rates for parties of 20 or more, with elementary and junior high school students each paying ¥450, high school students ¥900 and adults ¥1,350. Free parking is available at the gardens.

More than 2,000 specimens of 250 species of trees and shrubs grow in the garden, along with rare and exotic plants and animals, as well as colorful flowers.  The renovated botanical garden takes its next step October 1st as it opens a new restaurant.

14:12 14 Jul , 2024