Coo & Riku Urasoe marks first anniversary

For pets that are really stressed out, maybe the help comes from a few minutes in an oxygen chamber; after all, late Michael Jackson reportdly used to sleep in such device.

Coo & Riku Urasoe branch is celebrating its first anniversary after moving to the current location on Hwy 58 in Minatogawa, Urasoe City.

When you really want to pamper your pet, you can treat him or her with a special handmade decorated cake.

The anniversary special sale is going on until July 28th. On top of their already reasonable prices they provide more discounts to celebrate the anniversary. All items are 10% off except special sale products. A total 250 puppies or kittens are also gathered to the premises while the anniversary sale is in progress.

It’s easy to choose a pet at Coo & Riku, and if there is none in the shop that catches the fancy of a patron, they can choose from online. With more than 4,000 pets available at their 74 branches across Japan, finding the right one is all but guaranteed. Moving a

Coo & Riku Urasoe Pet Shop is located on Hwy 58 in Minatogawa.

pet from any of the branches within Japan to Okinawa is free for up to two pets per person.

The second floor of the shop has a cafe where pets are welcome to accompany their owners. Pet clinics and a hair trimming room are there also. There is also a kids’ space on the second floor of the shopwhere kids can play while parents shop.

For the anniversary, Coo & Riku has installed a special oxygen treatment capsule for your pet.  It is a charged service offered until the end of the anniversary sale; interested patrons only need ask a staff member’s assistance. It’s the first device of its kind in Okinawa. The effect of the oxygen capsule is that the pet will relax and be relieved of fatigue by high pressure oxygen inside the capsule. Just like Michael Jackson reportedly did

The cafe menu is also brand new. There are handmade cakes and dishes for pets, and if your dog needs exercise, there is an indoor dog run with air conditioning to boot. It’s free to use while the anniversary sale is in progress. Coo & Riku Urasoe is truly a paradise for both you and your pet.

If you are not a pet owner yet, now is the big chance to purchase pets! Coo & Riku Urasoe branch offers Special discounts while the anniversary celebration goes on. If you purchase a pet costing over ¥50,000 and bring the Japan Update paper or say “I saw the ad or story of Coo & Riku in Japan Update” when paying at the register, Coo & Riku will discount ¥10,000 from the cost. However, Coo & Riku cannot sell pets after 6:00 p.m. because of the Animal Protection Law, and the pets’ prices don’t include vaccination.

Coo & Riku is open seven days a week, year around 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Animal enthusiasts can visit Credit cards and yen are accepted. Call (098) 873-3255, English speakers are always on premises. The store is located on Highway 58 between Camps Kinser and Foster. When heading south, past the Okinawa Baptist Church, Coo & Riku is in the three-story building on the left side, near the big tire. Coo & Riku Ishigaki island branch will open soon, too.

02:06 24 Apr , 2024