Guests are singers at Music Lover Festival

Musicians perform at the terrace of Exit Cafe.

In a twist to most festivals and concerts, Exit Café in Ishikawa is hosting a Music Lover Festival on Sunday that lets the guests do the performing.

The Music Lover Festival runs 5:30 p.m. ~ 9 p.m. at Exit Café, 1-9-28 Ishikawa Akebono, in Uruma City.  Admission is ¥1,000 including music charge and one drink, or ¥500 for admission and a drink, and ¥500 for potato or a light chicken meal.  There’s no smoking inside Exit Café, and this is not B.Y.O.B.

This cafe is in the foreigner residence in Ishikawa Akebono, and offers a glittering night view of the Kin bay, the Ishikawa beach, Ikei Island, or the Kin town. Even though not singing or participating, all visitors are welcome to watch their performances as a spectator. The sound system of this café is not very loud because it is located in a residential area, and is an acoustic type music festival.

To participate as performer, admission will be ¥1,500 for amateurs, and will be ¥3,000 for any business promotion. Each has 20 minutes to express emotions.

To participate, please go to Exit Café to review all rules and complete an entry  form before July 13th.  Participation is limited to 10 groups. The top 3rd places will be chosen by guest judgment, and goods, such as wine and an awamori bottle, will be awarded to prizewinners.

There are two microphones and a simple PA available. If more microphones are needed, bring your own. There is no karaoke system in the venue, so bring your own rhythm machine or a musician if needed.

21:32 20 Jul , 2024