Heijin Yaga Glass Products Exhibition closes Sunday

An Okinawa glass blower whose fascination with glass and with colors led him to learn the craft himself, is in the final week of his first exhibition in more than two years.

Heijin Yaga has his free exhibition running through Sunday at Gallery Shop Kufuu, located at 2-22-18 Oyama in Ginowan City.  The exhibition is running 11 a.m. ~ 7 p.m. Heijin’s new works include bubble glasses, beer glasses, and other new everyday glassware. Time-tested works such as bluish purple glassware, tea ceremony bowlx, and vases are exhibited. Visitors will feel the world of coloring, which exists between the people and glass. Yaga loves using Okinawa’s vivid colors in his works.

Heijin Yaga was born in 1958 in Okinawa. He began his career as a stained glass craftsman. After that, he learned regular glass blowing. He has won awards in various contests both outside and inside of Okinawa. Today, he is striving for work activities as a representative of “Glass Studio Jin” in Okinawa every day.

Glass artist Heijin Yaga’s creations are on exhibit and sale at Gallery Shop Kufuu in Oyama through this Sunday.

05:02 15 Jul , 2024