Link Up! At RJ’s Social: New music concept

RJ’s Social features both a hard rock band and another group playing softer Okinawan pop songs tomorrow.

Free music live performances in various live houses and bars located in Koza, in the center of Okinawa city, are common every day, but now an entrepreneur has created a new concept,. “Live House Circuit”, to add new excitement to an evening out.

The club features a pool table, band stand for live performers and a generally friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Music familiar to the ear, and the music of Okinawa are being performed Thursday, July 18th, with a variety of musical genres to be presented by performers Sunrise Magic and Sobo Po-Po.  Action at Okinawa City’s RJ Social, 1-24-13 Chuo, on the third floor, in Okinawa City, begins at 8 p.m., an hour after doors open.  Admission is free, but visitors must order at least one drink.

What is being introduced is a free live music event, an element of RJ Social’s  of “Live House Circuit”. Both of performers are from Okinawa prefecture. SUNRISE MAGIC is from Uruma City, and Sobe po-po- is from Yomitan Village.

SUNRISE MAGIC will play their original songs from hard rock ’n’ roll to interesting pop music. On the other hand, Sobe po-po- will play Okinawan pop songs, which are more relaxing and carry a cooling sound.

RJ’s social is usually open only Fridays and Saturdays for regular business, but will be open on Thursday for this event. Since the bartender can speak English at RJ’s social, English speakers can enjoy their time without frustration of a language barrier.  RJ’s goal in bringing the event is to give visitors a sense of a power of unity, which is why it was named “Link Up!”

00:46 24 Jul , 2024