McDonald’s goes upscale

McDonald’s Quarter Pounder.

McDonald’s Co. Japan Ltd. announced Tuesday a three new top of the line hamburgers it calls “Quarter Pounder Jewelry”. Each of the three costs ¥1,000, and each is available only one day in July at outlets across Japan.

This Saturday sees the Gold Ring Burger featuring pineapple, Monterey Jack cheese and thick slices of bacon flavored with barbecue sauce to go for sale.

A week later, on July 13, there will be the Black Diamond, which is made with Emmental cheese, grilled mushrooms and onion, all spiced with a special sauce containing truffles.

And a week after the customers are still savoring the taste of the Black Diamond, comes Ruby Spark on Jul. 20. It features Pepper Jack cheese and avocado, and is made following an original chorizo pork sausage recipe.

All three are based on McDonald’s Quarter Pounder burger concept and contain a quarter pound of beef.

Only 300,000 of the special burgers will be available on each day. According McDonald’s Japan President Eiko Harada, the aim is to increase the number of customers and overall sales with the limited campaign of the Jewelry burgers.

13:00 14 Jul , 2024