Sakaemachi Market delivers ‘different’ experience

Sakaemachi Market a ‘different’ experience

‘Obaa Rappers’ is a must see performance at any Sakaemachi Market Fair.

A visit to the Sakaemachi Market is much more than a simple shopping experience, as the long-running marketplace in the oldest district of Naha City has everything from foods and beverages to entertainment

All performers at the fair have some kind of connection to Sakaemachi Market.

performed by the elderly grandmothers who work in the market.

The market fair is coming up July 27th, one of only four times in the year it’s organized.  It’s free, from 5 p.m. ~ 9:15 p.m., at 3811 Asato in Naha City.  The market fair has traditionally taken place on selected weekends only June through October, having been started by Sakaemachi Market volunteers in order to get people to enjoy the experience of Sakaemachi market more.

Many stores in the market feature items such as yakitori, foods grilled on skewers, Okinawan noodles,

Sakaemachi Market is the oldest public market in Naha still in operation.

etc., with open stalls in order to make all visitors happy.

What makes this evening market special are the many stages featuring live performances by artists who have some kind of connection to this Sakae Machi, along with Eisa and the Okinawan Lion Dance.  The highlight of each market fair, though, are the performances of the “Obaa Rappers”, the hip-hop team by the grandmothers of the Sakaemachi Market.  That is the must!!!  All else at Sakaemachi is pretty much traditional.

05:07 15 Jul , 2024