Yanbaru Reggae Festival jammin’ on Sunday

A free reggae field festival is set to begin Sunday from noon and continue well into the night at Nago City’s 21st Century Forest Park outdoor stage. Admission to the festival is free.

Reggae artists are assembled from both outside and inside of Okinawa. Weather permitting, although forecasts promise nearly clear skies for the weekend, visitors can enjoy a blue sky during the daytime, and a starlit sky in the evening.

Performers include Jr, Dee / MOOMIN / U-DOU & PLATY / PAPA U-Gee / NAOKING / HiSAI KICK / CHOP STICK / KAAGO / YAHBOO / ZINGA / Ryo-ta / and more!!!

A flea market is also open in the hall, where visitors can purchase handmade miscellaneous goods, drinks, snacks and other items.  Although entrance is free, carrying in of own food or drink is forbidden. Instead, purchase what is sold in the hall.

This is the optimal field event for enjoying Okinawa in summer and reggae music fully together with friends or your sweetheart.

14:30 14 Jul , 2024