Kids Animal Experience going on at Kodomo no Kuni

Kodomo-no Kuni’s elephant is waiting for Nurture Experience participants.

A free pass to the Okinawa Zoo, the Kodomo no Kuni, a passport for the Wonder Museum, and original T-shirts are but some of the prizes being offered by the Okinawa Zoo during its Kids Animal Nurturing Experience which is running weekdays until Friday, Aug. 30.

The giraffe at Okinawa Zoo is looking forward to the Kids’ Animal Nurturing Experience that is running on weekends through the month of August.

Admission to the all-day event is ¥1,500.  Target age for participants in the program is from elementary school fifth grader through high school students.

Various events are being organized for kids during summer vacations. The breeding experience event, where kids can experience the care of the animal bred inside the zoo is interesting, and visitors can purchase tickets, which allow participation three times during the period.

Entrance to Kodomo-no-kuni and the Wonder Museum is at no charge with this ticket until the end of September. An original T-shirt of the Okinawa

One of Kodomo-no Kuni hippos shows its impressive yawn that always impresses visitors no matter how many times they visit; the Kids’ Animal Nurturing Experience are all-day events with tickets costing ¥1,500.

Kodomo-no-kuni will be given to each participant.  A lottery is performed every morning and the animal, which a participant takes charge of on that day is decided. Since various kinds of animals are bred inside the zoo, it is a pleasant event not only for a child but also for a high school student who likes animals.

It is recommended that those who participate to bring their own towels, and wear a cap or other head gear, since temperatures are hot. The zoo also recommends participants bring mineral water or sport drink to avoid heatstroke.

18:08 21 Apr , 2024