Kitone Night Market shifts to Onna Village

Kitone Night Market offers shopping and entertainment in the cool of the evening.

The Kitone Night Market is moving to a new venue for Saturday, setting up shop at the Onna Village “Fureai” Experimental Learning Center.

Besides live music, the Kitone Night Market features street performers.

The free night market will run 4 p.m. ~ 10 p.m. Saturday.  Organizers say it will be open even if it rains, but that the event will be canceled in the event of stormy weather.  The “Fureai” Experimental Learning Center is located at 5973 Onna, Onna Village.

Kitone Night Market is usually held in Yomitan. This single evening night market will be open both in the Learning Center hall, as well as outdoors. About 80 stores will be open, and live music performances will be on stage.  Entertainment includes performances by Matahari Terbit (Indonesian gamelan music and dance), Ras Takashi & Friends (ROOTS ALIVE), !YA BASTARDS!, and Kazuyuki Nashiro Group (Okinawan Folk Songs).

At the market, attractive products of various kinds, such as clothing, medicinal herbs, handmade accessories, sandals, miscellaneous goods, china, glassware, and leather goods, will be on sale. There’s also a relaxation section where visitors can relieve the fatigue of everyday life. In the eating-and-drinking section, the visitors can enjoy various kinds of meals, sweets, and a drink. The meal menus at various stores, include keema curry, hamburger, the Ghanaian food, pizza, kebab, Brazilian croquettes, Japanese teppan-yaki food, Mexican tacos, and much more. For after meal sweets, vegetarian muffins, biscuits, cakes, and gelato, are available.

Drink sales are also substantial. Many healthy drinks, such as homemade ginger ales, tropical cocktails, enzyme juice, full-scale espresso, herba; tea, and tapioca drinks, will be available. The experience corner by “Fureai Net Onna” is also open. This is a market suitable for the whole family.

21:35 20 Jul , 2024