All White Dinner Party to be unique evening

FM Okinawa Radio Personality, Awich and Orion Beer Commercial Artist, Manami are presenting the most fashionable party of the year, just before the summer ends!

It’s the All White Party in Ameku Terrace, usually a membership-only dinner restaurant but open to the public for this dinner party tomorrow evening, starting at 6 p.m.  Basically, it’s a dinner party where all guests are required to dress in white to attend.

In the states, custom is to not wear white after Labor Day, but Okinawa is making its own standard by saying “It’s still HOT and still summer over here!” Awich and Manami are inviting everyone to join Okinawa’s high society fashion scene “wearing your best white attire!”

Entry is ¥3,000, and that includes both food and drinks.  Entertainment is being provided by DJ Task, DJ Izena (Vivace), and DJ Hiroshi.  Awich is a popular entertainer and radio personality originally from Okinawa, and Manami is a well known singer here, perhaps best known for her singing of the catchy Orion Beer Commercial.

To get to Ameku Terrace, go south on Hwy 58 to Omoromachi, After passing Okinawa Lexus on the left, look for a large sign to Family Sports Land on the right side of the road. After a U-turn at the traffic light on top of the hill, follow signs to Family Sports Land, then go past it to the end of the road.

11:31 15 Apr , 2024