Kumejima Fair at AEON Naha

Kumejima Product and Tourism fair will be held from today through Sunday (Sep. 23) in Aeon Naha Department Store in Oroku.

This will be the second time for the fair to take place. 27 different booths will display various products from Kume Island such as Miso cookies, Umi Budou (sea grapes), Kumejima pongee (type of cloth), and much more.

Kumejima Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Hajime Kadekaru enthusiastically exclaimed to the crowd, “The whole island has been working together for this event. Please enjoy our island’s flavors.”

On the event’s first day, umi budou was given to the first 100 customers.

  • Reflipe W. Thenuz

    So basically its just Jusco/Aeon as usual?

10:19 30 May , 2024