Stripe Noodles focuses on culture, new kinds of ramen dishes

The marquee dish at Stripe Noodles is ramen topped with high-quality strips of steak.

The idea behind Stripe Noodles is to focus on introducing Japanese culture and customs to U.S. military members through food.

At Stripe Noodles the meals are served from original design Arita-yaki (Imari-Arita ceramics) bowls, and although the restaurant’s interior is very stylish and modern, a touch of Japanese culture is not forgotten with the Mizuhiki Art (Japanese traditional thread) displayed on the wall.

The restaurant is very modern and stylish both inside and out.

Store manager Yuki Koshiba hopes that with his ramen, he can help give Okinawa in general a boost. He worked and learned his techniques in a famous ramen shop “Soranoiro” in Tokyo. The combination of ramen and a high-quality steak is his original creation. So, the marquee dish of Stripe Noodles is the energy packed Steak Ramen that features a juicy steak topping on ramen noodles.

Choosing specific produce, and as much original ingredients from Okinawa as available, Stripe Noodles uses “Yanbaru chicken” and soy sauce to make the broth. The steaks are of the highest quality available. There’s a choice between 150g or 300g steaks, and the Steak Ramen with 150g steak costs ¥980 while the meal with a larger 300g steak is priced at ¥1,480.

Another main dish at Stripe Noodles is the Tomato Vegetable Ramen. It is tomato soup based, with broccoli, paprika and other ingredients making the dish extremely healthy and colorful, and a treat for the eyes, too. Tomato and paprika are mixed in the noodles, which makes it a perfect dish for vegetarians as the noodles, soup and all ingredients are made of vegetables. A dish without meat will be served with lots

Stripe is located in Mihama on Hwy 58 with free parking in front.

of extra veggies. Koshiba and his staff plan to create more vegetarian dishes for customers to choose from in the near future.

There are a variety of toppings available that give customers an opportunity to create their own original ramen. The most popular toppings are the Chinese-style barbecued pork (chashu), half-boiled flavored egg and spicy oil. Those who can’t make up their mind to choose only one can buy the whole set of the three best toppings as well. Stripes’ cooks are busy creating new toppings all the time, so visiting the restaurant repeatedly is a pleasant adventure.

Those who choose not to have a full meal, can always visit the bar and enjoy a variety of cocktails, appetizers, beer, awamori and sake.

There will be a completely new dish on the menu coming soon that has never been served on Okinawa before! Rich tasting, this miso ramen includes Okinawa’s Shuri miso, Shinsyu miso from Nagano Prefecture, and Ishigaki Island made seasonings. “This is a dish no one will be able to resist!” Koshiba boasts.

Stripe Noodles is open for lunch 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily, and for dinner 6 -10:30 p.m. Sun. – Thu. and 6 p.m. to midnigh on Fri. & Sat. It is closed on Mondays. Payment is accepted only in yen, no dollars or credit cards. The restaurant is located on the east side of Hwy 58 on the former Camp Lester site between FamilyMart and McDonald’s. The location is at

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