Adidas and Sports Depo introduce perfect running shoe

Adidas’ Energy Boost sneakers are the ultimate jogging shoes.

It used to be that a runner intend on buying a pair of new sneakers went to a shop, tried on a pair or two, and picked up what felt good there and then.  That was when times were simple.

Now a serious runner who wants a perfect fit can go to one of the Sports Depo shops on Okinawa where Sports Depo and Adidas, the German top sports shoe maker, can guarantee that you can pick up a sneaker that is a perfect fit to your feet and running style.

The find the perfect fir you have to go through something called “foot scanning.” As with everything else you have to take the first step first, in this case on a plate that is fitted with censors that are hooked up with a computer. The computer will then calculate the perfect measurements, and a Sports Depo adviser then selects a perfectly fitting running shoe based on the distribution of your body weight on the sole of your feet, your balance and individual characteristics of your feet.

Sports Depo’s Foot Scan device can scan the sole of your foot to determine the distribution of your weight and other characteristics of your foot in order to figure out what is the best running shoe just for you.

Now, those who want something even better, can have a a personal one-of-a-kind sneaker called appropriately “Energy Boost.” Energy Boost is the first sneaker that utilizes new material called “BOOST™ Foam” in the soles of the shoes that function both as a shock absorber and repulsive material.

This is a completely new concept that features a high degree shock absorption in the middle soles of the sneakers, and, at the same time, 70 percent more repulsive efficiency compared to EVA material used in high quality sneakers up to now.

The BOOST™ Foam” is also durable. According to Adidas, the foam will degrade hardly at all after a 500 km of running, and it easily tolerates temperatures between 20º and 40ºC.

Those who are interested in the new running shoes can attend ‘Foot Scan Events’ that Sports Depo and Adidas are organizing at Sports Depo shops around the island this weekend, from Saturday through Monday. The events will be held at Sport Depo shops in Toyosaki, Ameku and Gushikawa. The events are open to everyone regardless of age or gender. The only requirement is that the size of the shoe is larger than 3. The measurement will take about 10 to 20 min.

Japan Update also offers one pair of new Energy Boost running shoes to one winner  of the weekly JU raffle. To participate, just go to, and click on “Raffle Entry” where you can see the prize of the current raffle. The winner of the shoes will receive a receipt that can be exchanged for the sneakers at Sports Depo Gushikawa. In case they do not have the size in stock, they will order a pair of proper size, and that will take a few days to arrive.

01:16 28 Feb , 2024