Crows attack migrating Grey-faced buzzards

Grey-faced buzzards on their annual migration through Okinawa to south-east Asian regions for the approaching winter are facing an increasing hazard from flocks of local crows.

On Oct. 12 and 13 some Nago City workers observed a group of crows chasing a lone grey-faced buzzard in Nakaoji, Nago City.

According to Nago City Museum curator Hideyasu Yamamoto, “Crows have a strong sense of their own territory, and are always in groups. On the other hand, the grey-faced buzzards always travel alone, which is why they are easily attacked.” He added that the crows have in recent years broadened their habitat range as they feed on garbage in urban districts, and that puts the grey-faced buzzards in danger when they try to land for rest while migrating to their winter grounds.

08:15 17 Apr , 2024