Hello Kitty takes on Halloween grin at Mr. Donut

Halloween themed donut packages are available at Mr. Donut.

Ghosts and goblins are making their way onto store shelves, and into food establishments, as Halloween approaches, and Mr. Donut has joined the fun with Hello Kitty specials.

The donut maker is whipping out Hello Kitty jack-o-lantern doughnuts, complete with the beaming smile and the popular figure’s signature pink bow affixed to her left ear.  The doughnuts are available in pumpkin or strawberry flavors.  Mr. Donut is also featuring other pumpkin-flavored treats.

Mr. Donut is offering a special limited edition Hello Kitty stuffed animal in a special Halloween box containing seven Halloween doughnuts. Each of the Misdo Halloween Boxes sell for ¥1,000.  Also making a comeback is the chain’s original doughnuts cooked up with a yummy pumpkin angle.

11:36 18 Jul , 2024