I Musici ensemble to perform in Okinawa City

I Musici ensemble has a long and successful history in playing Italian baroque music.

Tickets are now on sale for the IMusici ensemble classical performance coming up Thursday, October 17th, at the Okinawa Civic Hall.

Tickets for the event, which begins at 7 p.m., a half-hour after doors open, are ¥8,000 for S Seats, ¥6,000 for A Seats, and ¥3,000 discounted tickets for students.  A total of 50 A seat tickets will be sold to students beginning at 5 p.m. the day of the event. A student can purchase up to four tickets upon presentation of a student identification card.

Tickets are available at: RYOBO (098) 867-1171, Mitsukoshi (098) 862-5111, Coop Apple(098) 941-8000, Lawson Ticket 0570-084-008 (L code 87237), Ticket Pia 0570-02-9999 (P code 202-105), and at E Plus (Family Mart)

The evening’s program includes Rossini (arr: Gambaro) Overture from the “Barber from Seville” Paganini , Variations on the 4 string on a theme from “Mose in Egypt” by G. Rossini, Verdi “Traviata – Preludio Atto 1”, Puccini (arr: Molinelli)

“O mio Babbino caro”, from “Gianni Schicchi”, Rossini-Une Larme, Mascagni

Intermezzo from “Cavalleria Rusticana”, Glinka Divertimento brillante on thems from “theSleepwalker” from V. Bellini, and Vivardi “Le Quattro Stagioni” op.8.

Vivaldi’s “four seasons” is the most famous piece in the performance of “I Musici”.

The “four seasons” by “I Musici” became the cause for the baroque music to be in fashion these days. The “four seasons” by “I Musici” concert team performance has sold 2,800,000 sheets in the total of six kinds of recordings in Japan since 1995, especially the 3rd recording, which became the million seller in classical music for the first time in Japan. This record is still the best as a vinyl.

Antonio Anselmi took office as a new concertmaster and members were also rejuvenated. Members inherited the group’s long history, and the sound increased in brightness. Their music will wrap people’s mind to hear their gentle, warm sounds. A nostalgic melody heard once revives again, and a visitor can be immersed in a thought of the nostalgia, can be impressed by fresh sound, or can pass a time of extreme happiness.

“I Musici”, also known as “I Musici di Roma”, is an Italian chamber orchestra from Rome formed in 1951. They are well known for their interpretations of Baroque and other works, particularly Antonio Vivaldi and Tomaso Albinoni.

In the 1970s, “I Musici” recorded the first classical music video and, later, the group was the first to record a compact disc for the Philips label.

One of their founding members and first violin, Felix Ayo, is still active as of 2012.

I Musici consists of a group of string instruments and one harpsichord. The strings include 6 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos, and one double bass.

I Musici is an ensemble that plays without a conductor; the relationships among the twelve musicians enable great harmony in their music-making.

I Musici today


Antonio Salvatore, Antonio Anselmi, Marco Serino, Claudio Buccarella, Pasquale Pellegrino, Gian Luca Apostoli


Massimo Paris, Silvio Di Rocco


Vito Paternoster, Pietro Bosna

Double bass:

Roberto Gambioli


Francesco Buccarella~Garatti

Former members


Salvatore Accardo, Federico Agostini, Felix Ayo, Arnaldo Apostoli,

Pina Carmirelli, Italo Colandrea, Anna Maria Cotogni, Walter Gallozzi,

Roberto Michelucci, Mariana Sirbu, Franco Tamponi, Luciano Vicari


Dino Asciolla, Aldo Bennici, Paolo Centurioni, Carmen Franco, Alfonso Ghedin, Bruno Giuranna


Enzo Altobelli, Mario Centurione, Francesco Strano

Double bass:

Lucio Buccarella


Maria Teresa Garatti

  • Sinibaldi

    passage d’autrefois.


    le ciel

    tendre pensée



    chante le matin.


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