Indira is first to introduce southern Indian cuisine to Okinawa

Y1,000 lunch set features three different curries of choice, saffran rice, chicken, salad, naan, and a choice of lassi or chai for a drink.

South Indian cuisine is often defined as meaning cuisines from the four southern states of India; Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.  Restaurant Indira is the first and only south Indian restaurant on Okinawa. It just opened Sep. 1st and is located in Miyazato, Uruma city.

Chefs Anand Semoy (left) and Harish Chandra ensure the authenticy of the meals at Indira.

The most famous dish of the south is called Masala Dosa (stuffed crepe). It is rice and bean dough based crepe with a filling of baked potatoes seasoned with spices and mustard seeds. It is often eaten as it is, but at Indira it is served along with two types of special dips; one a bean based and the other a coconut based.

The other famous southern dish is Idli (rice and bean dumpling). It’s made using the same dough as masala dosa, but instead of frying, it is steam cooked. It’s a traditional breakfast food in southern India homes.

Regions in the southern part of India being close to the

Entrance to Indira.

coast, various fish and other seafood are very common ingredients. Accordingly, one of the most recommended dishes in Indira is the fish curry. After experimenting with a variety of fish, Indira owner Kamath Vaman found the secret to keep the fish intact in the curry. The blend of the variety of spices, fish and slightly sweet nan will leave your taste buds in an shockingly pleasant state.

There are a variety of dishes on the menu, which is divided into dishes from the south and north. Those who can’t make up their mind, on which curry to choose, would do well to try the lunch served every day from 11:30-14:30. The lunch menu offers five types of curries to choose from, plus nan, saffron rice, salad and drink for ¥600 ~ ¥1,000.

Also, a variety of vegetarian dishes, such as the bean curry, mixed vegetable curry and even Okinawan inspired goya curry, are on the menu.

When ordering, ask for extra spiciness if you’re up for it. And if it’s spicier than you can take, not to worry for you can ask for a special ingredient that will ease it up.

Out of all the Indian curry restaurants on the island, Indira will surely be one you won’t forget. Indira’s menu changes regularly, so there’s always something new to try.

The owner and cooks are very friendly and wait for your visit. Just mention you read this article on Japan Update, and an Indian beer or another beverage will be on the house at dinner time.

Indira is open every day from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. for lunch, and 5 to 10 p.m. for dinner. It’s closed on Wednesdays.

10:44 28 Feb , 2024