Makeman Urasoe open in new premises

The new Makeman main store in Urasoe opens its doors today.

The largest Makeman hardware store in Okinawa, often known to Americans living on the island as the “Monkey Store” because of its ubiquitous handyman monkey logo, opens today in new premises on Highway 58 at Gusukuma, Urasoe.

The new shop offers a large variety of pet food and pet-related items and services.

The new Urasoe Makeman is a couple of blocks south from the old building opened in 1975 that will become a new outlet to Manga Shoko recycle shop. The new Urasoe central branch is the largest Makeman in Okinawa 12,000-square-meter floor space. It has indoor parking for 830 cars.

The new DIY center offers nearly 100,000 everyday life items for sale from soft commodities to hard like electronics, living ware, furniture, stationary, sports items, car accessories, pet items including pets and trimming service, gardening supplies, paints,

Gardening supplies are one of the mainstays of Makeman merchandize.

carpentry, housing materials, and much more!

There is also a car pit, cafe space, coin laundry, wood cutting service room, DIY up room where a customer can use some tools available and make small works, and a 100 yen shop. Customers can even take their pet into the shop as long as they are in leash.

Money exchange is available at the information counter, and major credit cards are accepted.

Makeman started its business as retail shop of the Nago Iron Factory in Urasoe in 1975, and has expanded its business successfully throughout Okinawa. There now are branches in Nago, Gushikawa, Mihama, Urasoe, Ichinichibashi, Tomigusuku, Nishihara (Newman), Ishigaki and Miyako.

04:04 29 Feb , 2024