Three Iheya school girls find “It’s big world”

Iheya Island Board of Education announced students Kana Nishime, Mari Kojima and Yuna Takara, all third graders at Iheya Junior High School, reported their 30-day short home stay in Seattle, Washington from Jul. 23 through Aug. 30, to Iheya Mayor Yukio Irei.

The three students said they experienced the difference in language and everyday customs with their host families, and were deeply inspired by the experience how big the world really is.

After her return, Kana Nishime stated “I felt the troubles I had in my life were nothing.” Mari Kojima, said “I feel my horizons have broadened,” and Yuna Takara observed “This home stay changed my perspective of the world.”

All three students agreed they would like to visit overseas countries again in the future.

02:07 24 Apr , 2024