Good times are awaiting at is easy to use and comprehensive.

Almost as soon as an American service member, or any other foreigner for that matter, has settled down after taking care of the immediate needs of everyday life of housing and transportation, there’s a new problem to face.  Where to get information in a language that one can understand.

You want to know if a new restaurant you are planning to visit accepts American dollars?  You want to take the family out but don’t know where to go?  You would like to go out on weekend but don’t know where to look for a club party?

Now, here is a great way to find answers:, one of the most comprehensive English language entertainment and dining websites on Okinawan topics.  Through this web portal you can connect to a vast array of cultural events, festivals, club events, restaurants and more, all happening on the island of Okinawa.  With sections as ‘Whats Hot?’, ‘Special Features’ and the ‘Event Calendar’ you can keep up-to-date on exciting activities happening around the island.

Also, if you are looking to try a new restaurant, sightseeing spot or cultural event you can click the ‘Recommended’ tab to get the latest places to visit selected and recommended by the native proprietors behind the website.

The website gives you an extensive look into the entertainment and great dinning experiences that are available for someone looking to get out and enjoy the island.

The way the website does this, is by allowing you to browse the ‘Venue Search’ tab, input all requests and parameters, and the location on the island you would like.  The website then gives you a detailed results list to choose from.

Oki-NightLife is a premiere website to visit to enlighten and enhance your experience on the beautiful island of Okinawa.  On the website there are always free drawings for visitors to enter with a chance to win tickets to events, restaurants and more.

Oki-NightLife is well worth a visit, and you should also stop by their Facebook page at You should also check to book reservations on sunset/night view dinner cruises, sightseeing taxi rides, limousine charter service, and more.

13:03 25 May , 2024