Sci-Tec College offers free Japanese class

Sci-Tec College in Naha offers a free Japanese language introduction class Saturday.

Recognizing that many foreigners are uncomfortable trying to deal with Japanese and the Japanese language, Sci-Tec College Naha is offering a free sample lesson to entice foreigners into signing up for a three-month series of free Japanese lessons.

The classes are targeted at foreigners living on Okinawa who need to learn Japanese but have been timid about trying. The introductory class is being offered on Saturday, November 30th, from 9 a.m. to noon at Sci-Tec College Naha in the Shintoshin district.

Sci-Tec College Naha schedules for regular Japanese classes run from April 2014. Reservations are required.

The school will teach reading, writing and speaking basic Japanese in the beginning, as it works through fundamentals. Classes will have practical applications, such as how to consult when sick, dealing with the Japanese medical insurance system, learning about Japanese information, and emergency calls and evacuation in event of disaster, The goal, says Sci-Tec College, is to help people simply become more comfortable with customs, culture and lifestyle.

Inquiries and registration can be accomplished at, or by calling (098) 865-2800. Information on the school is available on the web at

06:16 17 Apr , 2024