‘All I want for Christmas is a pet’

Coo & Riku has a large selection of special treats to pets.

A variant on the old song “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth” has been turned to “All I want for Christmas is a pet from Coo & Riku”, and it is catching attention.

Over 3,000 pet care and other pet related items crowd the shelves in the first floor shop.

Coo & Riku, one of the largest and best known pet shop chains in Japan, is holding its Christmas Campaign.  Making a good deal even better, Coo & Riku has teamed with Japan Update, noting that if you purchase a pet costing over ¥50,000 and say “I saw the ad or story of Coo & Riku in Japan Update” when paying at register, Coo & Riku will discount ¥10,000 from the cost until 31st of December.

There are a variety of specials being offered, including when your pet takes more than three kinds of caring services while the campaign is going on, like a haircut,

Comfortable sofas are set for potential buyers to spend some one-on-one time to see if the animal’s “just right” before deciding to buy.

nail care, and ear cleaning, your pet gets a free paw pad care.  Coo & Riku is providing a lot of special Christmas discount gift supplies, too. Pet lovers must check them!

The first floor of the Coo & Riku Urasoe branch is a shopper’s paradise, with more than 3,000 pet items available, set up by category to make it easy to find just the right item quickly. The pet sales section is also on the first floor. Sofas are set in front of the cages so potential buyers can ask a staff member to bring a pet from its cage to spend some one-on-one time to see if the animal’s “just right”.  Coo & Riku also offers a choice of 4,000 pets from their over 70 branches across Japan through their website, Moving the pet from any of the branches within Japan to Okinawa is free; up to two pets per family.

Coo & Riku cannot sell pets after 8:00 p.m. because of the Animal Protection Law, and the pets’ prices do not include vaccination. Coo & Riku staff says “We will be receiving rare dogs, so please visit our shop with your family, and have fun buying pet supplies, spending good time in the café and watching the rare pets!”  They are serving and accepting reservations for Christmas sweets or Japanese dishes for pets at  the cafe located on the 2nd floor.

Coo & Riku is open seven days a week, all year around, from 10 a.m. ~ 8 p.m.

Animal enthusiasts can visit http://www.pet-coo.com.  Credit cards and yen are accepted. For more information call (098) 873-3255. The store is located on Highway 58 between Camps Kinser and Foster. When heading south, past the Okinawa Baptist Church, Coo & Riku is in the three-story building on the left side, near the Big Tire. Free parking is next to the shop.


05:07 30 May , 2024