Jaguar is island’s hair specialist

Fashion dictates that hairstyles change, and now there’s a business on Okinawa that makes those transformations quick, smooth and economical.

Jaguar is located on the second floor of the Depot Island complex, where it specializes in wigs and hair extensions. Owner Yukari Agena says she’s a little of something for everyone; a variety of wigs and extensions are available in various colors, as well as in short or long styles.  No matter what the selection, she says, customers get only the highest quality products.

Jaguar has wigs and extensions to match every taste and mood.

Why make a visit to a hair salon?  Agena says ‘no need’ as a new hair style “can easily be arranged with our wigs, and it’s easier because you don’t even have to leave your home.”  Prices are reasonable, she notes, adding her staff provides careful instructions and tips on how to use the products.

For people wanting something really different, Jaguar has solutions, even for a change that is seemingly drastic. Jaguar offers short and long extensions, and some with colorful highlights.  Don’t worry, says Agena. “There are no problems with washing or blow drying

Jaguar is located on the 2nd floor of the Depot Island complex in Mihama.

your hair, and the results last about two months.”

Cornrows can also be a new hairdo before the parties this holiday season. Depending on the size, “it only takes us 20-30 minutes to braid hair into a heart or butterfly shape,” she says, “and it lasts for weeks!”

Agena began her business working from a single room in an apartment, but skills and techniques drew so many people, she’s now got Jaguar, complete with six employees.

Most products are brought from the U.S. but if you need something special or urgent, ask the owner, Yukari Agena. She most likely has an answer that you can be satisfied with.

Jaguar is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

01:03 31 May , 2024