Marumenya celebrates five years in Yomitan

The mecca for ramen in Yomitan Village is Marumenya, which serves up a couple of different pork and chicken-based dishes.

Marumenya is now celebrating its fifth anniversary at its AEON Town location, where in addition to ramen, it serves gyoza, fried chicken and Chinese dishes.

Stamina Miso Ramen

It’s the ramen, though, that brings customers through the front door with its tasty broth.  The soup is slowly stewed for three days, with the two types of soup base made of pork bones and chicken bones. One of the most popular is the spicy tantanmen. Its hot and spicy taste makes taste buds jump and leaves customers feeling like never before.  Many repeaters come just for a taste of this addicting ramen.

The second-most popular ramen is the spicy miso ramen. It can be made to be a one-of-a-kind ramen by adding any topping desired from the variety of toppings on the menu. Another approach is to let

Spicy Tantanmen

Marumenya spoil you by taking out the meat or vegetables of any dish. Simply ask at the time of ordering, and Marumenya will provide another topping in change.  The daily ramen goes for only \500, and is available from opening until closing.

There’s more to intrigue the palate than only ramen, as Marumenya offers set menus including sweet and sour pork. Mabo tofu, fried rice, gyoza and fried chicken sets. On Tuesdays, fried rice and Chinese dishes are not available, but gyoza, boiled gyoza or fried chicken will be ¥100 off its normal price.

Marumenya’s daily specials are listed on its door.

The manager, Satoshi Takara, has an indescribable feeling when he sees the empty plates after the customer leaves, and pats himself on the back.

All dishes except ramen are available for take out or can be enjoyed in the restaurant. Ramen is the one dish Takara says “you will not want to miss in the cold weather season.”

Marumenya is located at 740 Furugen Yomitan Village AEON Town Yomitan.  The restaurant is open year-round with weekday hours 10 a.m. ~ 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. ~ 10 p.m.  Saturdays and Sundays Marumenya is open continuously 10 a.m. ~ 10 p.m.  The restaurant accepts U.S. dollars and credit cards, in addition to Japanese currency.

17:38 15 Jun , 2024