Monster Ink tattoo shop’s ‘Got Ink’

Monster Ink tattoo shop is located just off Gate 2 Street.

The question often asked in today’s social settings, especially among younger people, is whether you’ve ‘Got Ink?’

Tattoos and body piercing have become part of today’s fashion, and people are getting body art as a way of expressing their individuality. From memorial tattoos symbolizing military service to original art, the possibilities are endless.

Nobody knows that better than tattoo artists at Monster Ink in Okinawa City. Regardless of type or style of tattoo a customer desires, a safe bet is it’s available at Monster Ink. The tattoo shop features both American and Japanese styles, as well as numerous designs ranging from lettering, tribal, religious, black & grey, to new school and old school. Monster Ink also welcomes customers to bring in their own designs, so their artists can customize a design based on individual ideas.

Monster Ink’s tattoo artists are both experienced and skilled in the art of tattooing, and encourage customers to ask any questions or express any concerns about tattoos. Monster Ink artisans are very proud of their craftsmanship, done in a safe, sterile and clean work environment. Each customer is provided with detailed tattoo aftercare instructions, a complete line of aftercare products. The shop tee shirts are also sold at Monster Ink.

Monster Ink is located at 2-1-28 Chuo, Okinawa City. Coming from Kadena Air Base Gate 2, continue on Gate 2 Street and make a left turn at Richie Rich clothing store. After about 100 feet, you will see Monster Ink with a red sign on the left side of the street, straight across from Bungalow Philippine Restaurant. The shop is open daily from 2 to 9 p.m. except closed on Mondays. Both U.S. dollars and Japanese yen are accepted. Monster Ink encourages those contemplating a tattoo to contact them directly with any question at (098) 939-0995.

17:26 15 Jun , 2024