Obbligato’s annual charity lunch to benefit typhoon victims

Last year’s event netted ¥51,228 for a local orphanage, while proceeds this year go to help victims of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

Tortilla Factory LLC, a company operating Obbligato and Tortilla Factory restaurants, is once again opening its heart to the community with a charity food event to benefit Philippines typhoon victims..

The idea is simple: Eat first, donate after!

The company holds the event each year as a “Mingling activity with local area people” on their company’s ideology, “Let’s have happy time with everybody”. It’s a simple concept, and one that warms the heart:  eat free at Obbligato’s on December 29th, then make a hearty donation to charity.

Now in its ninth year, the organizers invite visitors to eat free, and then demonstrate support by contributing generously to the collection boxes at Obbligato’s. To be sure all the money goes to charity, the staff is

Salsa band Kachiamba is entertaining again in this year’s event.

working free for the day. Many of the foods are being provided by vendors that deal with the company.

On top of that, a talent, Chika Takami will come to the event as guest staff, and the popular salsa band “Kachimba” will be performing, so all visitors can enjoy delicious dishes and great music.  Donations collected at the event this year will aid victims of the deadly typhoon last month in the Philippines. The charity event runs 11 a.m.~ 2 p.m. Sunday, December 29th, at Obbligato restaurant on Highway 58 in Chatan.

00:43 31 May , 2024