Pets should enjoy holiday season too

Locals often say that a pet lovers best friend in Okinawa, after his or her pet if the pet and pet accessory shop Pet Box.

Just now, Pet Box is having a big Christmas sale , and everyone searching for a gift, special something or even a new family for your special furry friend should definitely go and check out their wide variety of accessories and one of kind products that are specifically deigned to make your pet happy.

Pet Box pet hotel amenities don’t stand second to many hotel accommodations for humans.

For those who yet do no have a furry friend, Pet Box always has at least 20 puppies and kitties waiting to be taken to good homes.  Those who are looking for something more exotic or unusual can have their pick of parrots, hamsters, tropical and freshwater fish and even lizards and other reptiles!

And even those who are not looking to buy anything, a visit to Pet Box store is always fun for the whole family, couples or even singles to enjoy the animals and appreciate their cuteness.

All customers purchasing a pet receive a warranty, even when buying small animals and even for all types of fish that allows an exchange of the pet within seven days from the purchase. But note that it’s not a money back deal and insects are not included.

Okinawa Bianca, a sister shop of Pet Box in Naha is a specialist for everything that has to do with fish and aquariums.

Also, in case pet food purchased from Pet Box causes any allergies or the pet simply doesn’t like it, it can always be brought back and exchanged for another product within 10 days. A receipt I required.

The breeders of all pets for sale are background checked so the buyer can feel safe that the pet is bred and raised in ethical and humane manner.

Pet Box has a wide variety of Japan made premium foods and treats for any kind of pet. They also have a trimming corner and pet hotel for housing cats and dogs while the owner is away on trip.

Pet Box shops are located in Naha and Chatan. Next to the Naha shop in Omoromachi, there is Okinawa Bianco, which specializes in aquariums, fish and fish accessories. Okinawa’s tropical and freshwater fish are famous worldwide plus.

Pet Box has an English language website with Google maps showing their locations at

The Naha Pet Box and Bianco stores are open Mon through Fri 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., and, Sat, Sun and Japanese national holidays from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. The Chatan Pet Box is open 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. every day. All shops have free parking and accept payments in Yen, Dollars and major credit cards.

21:52 24 Jun , 2024