Tokyo’s Toy Museum spending Christmas in Okinawa

Children like to play with wooden toys.

The ‘Good Toy Caravan’ is coming to Okinawa on Saturday, and staying in sub-tropical paradise until January 13th.

The Good Toy Caravan’s a special job being sponsored here by the Ryukyu Shimpo, bringing elements of the Tokyo Toy Museum to Tomiton.  The exhibition is running daily from 10 a.m. ~ 7 p.m., with admission for everyone 16 and older ¥600, youngsters 7 ~ 15 ¥500, and ¥300 for kids 3 ~ 6 years of age.

Some 300 different toys from Tokyo’s Toy Museum will be in Tomiton for children to enjoy. At the Toy Museum in Tokyo there are high quality toys made from wood, collected from all around the world. Toys made out of wood are great to touch, play and feel! There is a warmth only and secret power in these “good toys”.

00:46 31 May , 2024