Wood Exhibition features forest themed works

Gallery Kufuu in Ginowan features wooden pieces of art and wooden handicrafts in an exhibition that is open through the weekend.

“A Piece, Color, Language of the Forest” is the title of an exhibition now in its final days at the Design Office x Gallery Shop Kufuu in Ginowan City.

The free craft exhibition is designed to appear as if a piece of the forest was brought into the gallery, where there are art pieces from local craft artists. Hiromi Shimabukuro is in charge of spacial art, wood and lacquer work by Tokeshi, metalworking by Aino Nakazato, Midoriko Yamashita with weaving and from Yaedake Bakery, Yuko Ohara presents baked sweets. In this busy end-of-the-year season, the gallery wants citizens to experience this slow and calm time as if they were in the forest.

There will also be Okinawa hand-made culture on display.  The exhibition runs through Sunday from 11 a.m. ~ 7 p.m. at Kufuu first floor gallery, 2-22-18 Oyama, Ginowan City.  Gallery Shop Kufuu is located just behind Jimmy’s Oyama Shop on Pipeline Street.  Admission is free.

16:42 15 Jun , 2024