Xebio is the newest sports shop chain to enter Okinawa

Xebio opens sports shop in Ginowan Friday.

Xebio Co., Ltd. is about to open it’s first shop Super Sports Xebio/Victoria Golf Store in Okinawa in Ginowan City with its opening scheduled for Friday.

Xebio has 148 stores throughout Japan, and their newest will be located on Ginowan Bypass near the Okinawa Convention Center. The 1st floor of the shop is reserved for goods and equipment of various sports. The 2nd floor is dedicated to golf.

Super Sports Xebio in Ginowan is a store, which is totally dedicated to showing customers the fascinating details of every sport, and even support the customers’ fashion needs in the daily life as well as in sports. On the premises, there is also Xiasis Ginowan, from which customers can receive expert advice and suggestions regarding many sports products, such as basketball, soccer, track and field and casual shoe wear. X’tyle Vision Ginowan on the 1st floor specializes on eye wear for sports.

Victoria Golf Ginowan has items for those who take golf seriously, without forgetting beginners either, of course. Then there is golf simulator “Go, Go, Golf” which will give you a taste of the game. Second hand gold clubs are also available.

The new ship.is open every day 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

00:05 26 Jun , 2024