Churasai beauty fair in Uruma City Plaza this Sunday

Churasai Beauty Fair features 17 shops that showcase their specialties.

A beauty fair this Sunday in Uruma City Plaza will have 17 different shops that gather together in support of beauty.

The participating shops are specializing in manicure, eyelash extensions, aroma therapy, make-up, cuticle diagnosis and giving advice to customers.  There will also be participants who sell hand-made goods, offer fortune telling, pelvis adjustment, bowel massages, power stones, color therapy and more!!

Some participating shops offer trials of their services for a flat price of just one ¥500 coin. An entry to the fair is free.

Many of the participating shops offer trials on their services for the price of one coin, ¥500.

Participating shops include Aroma Therapy Kafu, Aroma Recess, Kanaloa Life Salon, Healing Room Shion, Beads Life among others.

The fair takes place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the second floor of Uruma City Plaza, located next to San-A Uruma Main City department store.

13:57 13 Jun , 2024