Marudai supermarket takes freshness seriously

The newest Marudai supermarket in Namihira, Yomitan Village.

For six and one-half decades, Marudai Supermarket has been serving Okinawans, with the owners’ focus and pride being on insuring that everything meets highest standards of freshness.

Marudai thrives to offer the freshest of local produce to its customers.

From meat to fish to bakery and dairy products, the chain is anchored in the commitments of freshness and service.  Opened in 1948 as the Oshiro Store, it has gradually expanded to now span 11 stores on the island.  The most recent Marudai Supermarket opened in Namihira, Yomitan Village, last October.  Customer service means different things to different customers, and Marudai management keys in on what each wants.  Store manager Kenichi Uehara says, “We are aiming to have a store where the customer will never get bored of visiting.”

Some want the freshness in everything being sold, while others want variety.  More recently, Marudai has added accepting credit cards to its cash registers, satisfying countless requests from patrons who simply don’t carry cash around anymore. Those who pay in cash get extra points on their regular customer cards that earn them a gift card when they reach certain amount of points.

A wide variety of fresh fish is brought in from a nearby local fishing port.

On the shelves there is fresh meat and fresh fish that is purchased everyday at Nago Fishing Port. Employees cut, clean and pack meat and fish before they go on the shelves of the store. Their work place is an open space where it is possible to communicate with the customers and answer any questions they may have.

From the deli department you can also see into kitchen. Also, you can buy freshly prepared side dishes by weight, so you can fill up the container to your need

On Saturdays and Sundays at the bread department, bread made using natural yeast and whole-wheat flour made in Yaedake Bakery is brought in. This is very popular among the health-conscious people.

The liquor section has a rich variety of beverages from awamori to wines. Carefully selected items from Costco are also lined up on the shelves and are very popular with the customers. According to the season and needs of the customers, the items change as well, so the customer might enjoy finding new items from time to time. Plus, to make the shopping an even better time, the method of displaying the items are done in a very eye-catching manner and style. There’s also a special corner with products matching events and seasons. Marudai Supermarket has two stores in Yomitan; Namihira and Iramina. Both are open from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m.

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11:24 18 Jul , 2024