Nail art on display in Convention Center

Last JNA Okinawa show was a resounding success.

Shiny paint jobs used to adorn the fingertips of many women, some using sparkly chips, before the practice gave way to new artistry featuring colors, gemstones, cartoon characters and definitely sophisticated artistry.

Nail artists showcase their latest technique and creations.

Japan Nail Art is bright, colorful and definitely eye-catching, and the best of the best – both nail artisans and the works they create — will be on display at the Okinawa Convention Center in Ginowan City on Tuesday.  The Nail Art Exhibition takes place 9:30 a.m. ~ 5 p.m. Admission is ¥1,000.

Ladies will have the chance to see, buy, experience and learn about nail manicure and beauty. Participating will be nailists loved by Okinawans, as well as nail artists who are active around the world.

Creating nail art is delicate business and takes patience.

Organizers emphasize visitors will not want to miss technology presented by the world and national nailist champion. There will also be a corner to experience — for free — the popular JNA approved nail salon providing nail care for all occupations. There will also be a nail show.

Highly skilled artisans are at work in nail painting in Japan, where not only are traditional nail art styles practiced, but Japanese original concepts are introduced. Thousands of professionals with the Japan Nailist Association take place in exhibitions such as this one at the Okinawa Convention Center.  When not on the road teaching and explaining, they’re at work in their salons earning a living while providing ladies with eye-catching designs and colors.

Nail artisans are known to get many of their ideas from traditional Japanese paintings.  Their own creativity, individuality and artistic skills transform those ideas into unique nail art sought after by many.  The artificial nails are typically created using special tools, then covered with acrylic lacquer or gels, giving the artwork a very real look.

03:21 24 Apr , 2024