Explore science at OIST Open Campus

Zebra fish is one of the subjects that OIST scientists – and young visitors – are interested in and research. (OIST photo)

The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) is hosting an open day on Sunday, giving the community an opportunity to both see the state-of-the-art graduate university, and to experience first-hand the world of science.

How brain mechanisms influence behavior is demonstrated with plastic models of human brain. (OIST photo)

Throughout the 10 a.m. ~ 5 p.m. Open House, visitors will participate in activities including science talks and lectures, science demonstrations and laboratory tours.  Admission to the Open House is free.  The events take place at the OIST Campus, 1919-1 Tancha, Onna.

Lectures for adults and kids over 12 years old include “ Seeing the World Through Chemistry: What a View!” with researcher Sherida Johnson,  “Is Infinity Far Away? Featuring Prof. Robert Sinclair, Associate Professor, OIST Mathematical Biology Unit, “Exploring the Origin of Mass: Higgs Particles” by Prof. Kazunori Hanagaki, Associate Professor in the Departmetn of Physics, Osaka University, and “Exploring the Ultrafast World” with OIST Femtoseconde Spectroscopy Unit researcher Peter Hale.

Science programs are being presented, including Exploring the Microworld with a look at cells of rats and marine bacteria with two different kinds of electron microscopes, a G0 Cell Unit Laboratory where visitors go inside of OIST laboratory, where usually you can’t see, to ask scientists there what they research about!  Another is a trip to the Zebra Fish Water Tank where researchers at OIST are raising over 400,000 zebra fish inside the high-tech water tank. See those zebra fish and learn about what the scientists are trying to discover, and yet another is on Hair-Raising Fun with Physics, a hands-on demonstrations letting you explore the effects of electricity and light in fun ways.

Curious minds need food, too, and the OIST Open Campus does not forget that. (OIST photo)

Others include Programming with Neko-chan, Science at Sub Zero Degrees: Liquid Nitrogen and Dry Ice Fun Applications, How Do Robots Learn? Neuroscience Research using Robots.  Still others are on Synthesis of Small Molecules, the Wonders of Ants, and exploration of Mini Aquarium Research using Marine Animals, Fun with Physics, Looking into the Brain, and Fron Molecules to Worms.

The graduate university staff will also explain “What can I study at OIST?” “How do I apply to OIST?” They will explain everything needed to know about our Graduate School.  There will also be more than a dozen food booths serving their food products.

21:59 20 Jul , 2024