Kabayan specializes in native Philippines cuisine

Kabayan is located on the second floor of a brick-walled building near Gate 2 Street.

It’s easy to say “serving authentic Philippines cuisine”, but delivering on those promises is a whole lot harder.

Lumpia Shanghai, a traditional Philippine Spring Roll, is one of the perennial favorites among Kabayan regulars.

Arlene Oshiro, who’s been in Okinawa more than 20 years and is owner of Kabayan Restaurant, knows firsthand how difficult it is to please the palates of those who really know, appreciate and love the native dishes of the Philippines.  She started Kabayan Restaurant because she, like most Filipinas, loves to cook and because she wanted to introduce real, homemade Philippines food to Okinawa.

She and her staff at Kabayan Restaurant has been working for a half-dozen years perfecting the introduction of Philippine native cuisine to Okinawa, enthusiastically cranking out a variety of meats, fish, vegetables and noodles.

It’s a labor of love for Oshiro, but she also knows that her country’s dishes are not only delicious, but are also economical; most dishes in the restaurant are priced between ¥650 and ¥850 for a set that includes rice.

Pancit Bihon, with pork and a variety of vegetables and noodles, is a favorite among Kabayan customers, along with Kare-Kare, a flavorful pork leg and vegetables in peanut sauce. Lumpia Shanghai, the traditional Philippines spring roll, is also a best seller. As a special, Kabayan offers Crispy Pata, a fried whole pork leg, upon request for ¥2,500.

It’s easy to get to Kabayan Restaurant. From Kadena Gate 2, take a left at the third traffic light.  Take a right at the light.  Kabayan will be on the right, the second story of a red brick building avross from a parking tower. Free parking for three cars are under the restaurant.  The restaurant is open daily 11 a.m. ~ 9 p.m.  Kabayan accepts both U.S. dollars and Japanese yen.  Take-out orders and reservations are accepted at (098) 929-3245.

06:52 01 Mar , 2024