O-jima shop serves tasty tempura

A daily line of customers waiting to buy tempura is a testimony to the tastiness of Nakamoto’s high quality.

Fresh fish is seemingly everywhere on Okinawa Island, but nothing can match the taste of fish on a tiny little island, O-jima.

The first store you will see after crossing the bridge to O Island (O-jima) is Nakamoto Fresh Fish, best for their just-fried and very tasty tempura, one of the most popular ones on Okinawa. Many visit O Island only for a taste of the tempura, which is why every day the store has a long line of customers clamoring for a few pieces of the famous treat.

The secret to their addictive taste is the high quality. All fish tempuras are made with freshly caught fish of the day. O Island is also famous for its seaweed – “mozuku”. Mozuku tempura is also another popular choice for customers. In addition there are also squid tempura, aasa tempura and vegetable tempura.

Every day Nakamoto Fresh Fish only sells a limited amount, and almost always everything is sold out by the evening. The price of each piece of tempura is a reasonable ¥65. When visiting Nanjo City for a drive or sightseeing, make a stop and try this highly recommended tempura shop.

Nakamoto Fresh Fish is located at 9 O, Tamagusuku, Nanjo City. October through March the store operates 10 a.m. ~ 6 p.m., then adds an hour to 7 p.m. April through September. The store is open year-round, although they may close on special holidays.

To get to O-jima, go south to Okinawa Memorial Park, and continue past it on Route 331 past Minatogawa. You will see O-jima on the right as the road goes on a hill. A road sign points to the road down to the island.

02:35 27 Feb , 2024