Relaxation that’s simply unbelievable!

A hot bath with a gorgeous view over Yonabaru and Nakagusuku Bay.

A dip in an onsen hot spring is one of life’s most pleasurable experiences, but most people aren’t aware they don’t have to travel all the way to the mainland to accomplish it.

Rooms are spacious and come with everything needed for an overnight stay.

There is an onsen in Okinawa, really! The hot spring at Yuinchi Hotel is called “Enjin no Yu”, meaning “Hot spring of Ape-man” in Japanese. The onsen is but one reason to take a trip to Yuinchi Hotel in Nanjo City, located on the southernmost part of Okinawa.

Why Ape-man? Its because here, Yuinchi Hotel opened in 2009, located 150 meters above the sea level and with a superb view from the hotel. The source of its spring is from a depth of 2,119 meters, its waters blending some 5-million-year-old layer of earth including ancient time seawater from the era an Ape-man was born. The Enjin no Yu was opened in 2012,

Yuinchi’s lunch buffet is fit for a king, and all ingredients come from local farms.

and the heat gas energy forming the hot spring is also used for clean energy at the facility.  It works so well, there is a plan in the works for more projects to use such a clean energy.

The temperature of hot spring at Enjin no Yu at the surface is 57.5 centigrade, and its temperature is hot enough but not too cold that there is no need to blend water for cooling down or adding heat. Taking a bath in the Enjin no Yu works well for the skin, moisture retention, aching joints, back problems and much more!
Enjin no Yu is not the only pleasure at Yuinchi, as it includes other facilities and amenities. The restaurant offers the same superb view, and serves mostly food with ingredients from Nanjo City. There’s a relaxation room with massage chairs, and a Karaoke room, perfect to enjoy after taking the hot spring, or before it. There are also many sports facilities including ground golf, basketball, tennis, a leisure pool, and ping-pong.

It’s a great place to go for a day trip, or to try the accommodations and stay overnight. The assistant manager, Namie Uechi, says “The Yuinchi Hotel is located at a scenic site, and with its many facilities is exactly why you have a great relaxing time at Yuinchi Hotel. We welcome those just visiting for taking the hot spring, so try our hot spring and relax until evening.”  The price, she says, “includes towel rental, relax wear, tooth brush and shaver, so you can visit without bringing anything of your own! If you want to stay overnight, just book at Walk-ins are welcome.” Uechi adds “We have banquet halls available, too.”

The Enjin no Yu is open 7 a.m. – 11 p.m. on weekdays and 6:30 a.m. – 11 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.. Taking the hot spring costs ¥1,650 for adults and ¥750 for kids (elementary school). Up to two kids under 6 pe adult are free, and from 3rd the cost is the same as elementary.

But beware, as is common in Japan, persons with tattoos are not allowed into hot springs, and Yuinchi has the same rule. Although tattooed persons are not allowed into the hot spring big public bath, they can use the private bath side. There are some private hot spring rooms in Yuinchi in addition to the public bath. The charge is per time spent, and is from ¥2,500~ ¥5,000 per person for 90 minutes. The group rate is determined by how many are taking the bath:1 person 90 minutes is ¥5,000, 2 for 90 minutes is ¥4,000 each, 3 for 90 minutes is ¥3,000 each and 4 for 90 minutes is ¥2,500 each.

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