Yui-Yui walks offer challenges and scenic views

Saturday’s 20-kilometer course winds by Katsuren Castle.

Adventure, challenges, terrific views of Okinawa and camaraderie are all part of this coming weekend’s 6th Yui-Yui Walks.

The walks are organized, and not simply strolls down neighborhood streets.  Walks are both Saturday and Sunday, and same day signups are possible.  Participation costs \1,000 for adults, \100 for high school, middle school and elementary students, and no charge for pre-school age and younger children.

The course around Kanna Dam, Sunday, leads through sense jungles and by high rock formations.

On the first day the starting line will be from the Gushikawa Dome. Entries will begin at 7 a.m. There will be four courses to choose from, 30km exploring the Katsuren Peninsula and the Kaichu Road, 20km where you can enjoy the view of the Katsuren Peninsula and Katsuren Castle ruins, 10km which is a course to test your courage on the high parts of Katsuren Castle ruins, and a 5km family course to enjoy the streets and views of a paddy field in Teruma district.

On the 2nd day, courses will begin from the Ginoza Village Park located on 1857 Sokei, Ginoza Village. Sign ups will be starting at 6:30 a.m. Courses will be 26 km long to enjoy mangroves and the coastline, 10 km will be around Kanna Dam and Kanna Beach, 6 km is the family course which is to and from the Kanna Dam and the 3km course is another family course which includes the surroundings of the dome and village office. Courses of both days will have a time limit to complete the walk by of 4 p.m. Traffic will be expected, so participants are encouraged to use public transportation or taxis when arriving at the starting line.

15:13 25 May , 2024