For those who missed it

By Robin Rahe &  Nikon Rasumov

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For those of you who missed it, Kyued Up was a 6-week-long workshop sponsored by OIST GU and organized by Pullapproach Inc., but most importantly it was a way to “Design the Future of Okinawa.”

25 OIST employees and 130 local experts were selected to apply the Design Thinking methodology to every-day problems in Okinawa. The classes took place every Saturday and were supported by international mentors through an online platform (which you can still access under The resulting five business proposals include viable solutions that could teach your children IT and Science, as well as give you free Wi-Fi access every time you are stuck in the traffic jam.

Kyued Up was more than 1200 unique website visitors and 88 attendees to the Grand Final. Thus it constituted Okinawa’s biggest entrepreneurial event to date. W

e hope that this unprecedented engagement of the Okinawan community continues to attract designers, entrepreneurs, scientists and politicians from more than 15 different countries, but most importantly that You will join us next time!

10:24 18 Jul , 2024